Imagine a St. Louis that is growing is equitable has lower taxes supports a strong police department has less government waste is less bureaucratic


ReimagineSTL is an outreach initiative to create a new vision for a stronger St. Louis City and County. We know a change to our government structure is necessary. And we know you and your experience are the best advocates for this change. So we're crowdsourcing messages about why a unified St. Louis is important to you.

We believe the best way to end the divide in St. Louis is for St. Louisans to talk to St. Louisans. We need to engage each other - with truth, with persuasive messages, with your stories. Make a difference that is long overdue and reimagine St. Louis.


The STL Story

There’s a lot to love.

From our world renowned zoo to our paper thin pizza - there’s a lot to be excited about. Our St. Louis pride is strong, and yet our region is one of the most fragmented and bureaucratic in the country.

But there’s a lot of waste.

There are 89 independent municipalities, 55 police departments, and 78 municipal courts in St. Louis City and County alone, leading to inefficient government and inefficient spending of our tax dollars.

We can fix this.

Our problems are structural. We can create a St. Louis that is less wasteful and bureaucratic. It can be growing, just, and equitable. By changing the structure that holds St. Louis back, we can bring St. Louis back. Remaking St. Louis starts with you.